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Alison Rosenblum joins Coffee Bean International in 2009 as the first Brand Manager. She develops the company’s communications programs and manages Coffee Bean International and its brands.

With experience driving trade and consumer sales for Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and Hambrecht Vineyards and Wineries as well as re-launching Nike’s women’s catalog, Alison brings deep experience and passion for the beverage industry and for consumer experience. Having cooked at the seminal Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, Alison shares the Coffee Bean International understanding that a top quality end product is the result of absolute care and attention to detail throughout every step of an agricultural product’s journey from farm to service.

Alison looks forward to traveling to pick coffee cherries on farms in Costa Rica, as follow-up to her harvest travels to pick wine grapes in the Napa Valley and the Rhone Valley in France.

Alison studied at Hamilton College, and is near completion of her Master of Agribusiness at Kansas State University.

Favorite coffee: Our Project Direct Peru brewed by pour over has definitely contributed to an increase in my average daily coffee consumption.


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