Coffee Harvest

Our Third-Party Coffee Certifications


Coffee Bean International was the first specialty coffee roaster in North America to roast certified organic coffees and for over 25 years we’ve supported organic coffee growing communities by paying above-market rates. We offer a range of organic blended and single origin coffees, all certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and the USDA. Learn more about why organic coffee matters.

Fair Trade

A cup of coffee, on average, costs less than bottle water! One coffee tree yields only 1 pound of coffee! You get the idea. And so do consumers. Make fair trade (or direct trade) a part of your coffee program. As an early supporter of certified fair trade coffee, Coffee Bean International is a strong partner of TransFair USA.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is grown on farms that are on a path toward real sustainability. These traditional, forested coffee farms are located where waterways, forests, wildlife, and earth are protected and conserved. Their workers are paid fairly and treated with respect. And the forested nature of the farms serves a crucial role as migration stopovers for migrating birds. All of this results in a healthier ecosystem, a superior growing environment, and exceptional coffee.


Our roaster is certified by the Orthodox Union Kosher (OU Kosher), an independent verification of purity, and our coffees bear the world’s most recognized and trusted kosher certification symbol.


We are an UTZ Certified coffee producer, which means we comply with the UTZ Certified Code of Conduct. This includes protection of labor rights and access to health care for employees and their families, adhering to standards for recordkeeping, and minimized and documented use of agrochemicals for crop protection.


The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization that works internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it. “Q” certified coffee has successfully met the minimum requirements for green, roasted, and cup quality as outlined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Coffee Bean International is proud to have three Q certified tasters working with us.