Espresso Machine

Roaster and Business Consultant

We view ourselves—and our clients view us—as true business partners, offering not just coffee, equipment and marketing support, but valuable insights, hands-on implementation, and attentive customer service to help keep your shop running smoothly and profitably year-round.

Regional Account Management

Helping you successfully manage and grow your coffee program is a big point of pride for us. We’ve put together an Account Management team, headed by a dedicated Regional Account Manager (RAM for short), to support you and your business. Your RAM is your business partner, and she comes with 7-10 years of experience in the coffeehouse biz. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your RAM is on call for all of your coffee program management needs. Assembling your coffee selection, selecting and maintaining the right equipment, training a new hire, sourcing service and ancillary items for your shop, printing collateral and developing promotions—it’s all in a day’s work.

Customer Experience

You’ve worked incredibly hard to create your brand—from your business name to your menu to the feeling that customers get when they walk through the door. So it’s crucial that your brand and service philosophy meet the needs of today’s coffee drinker. Our marketing, account service, and design groups are here to help you determine what to serve and how to serve it. From the big decisions to the little details, we can help you design a plan for profitable success in your neighborhood.

Barista Training

In the coffeehouse business, quality drives profitability. The experience of a great cup of coffee starts well before your customer takes their first sip. Attention to quality and detail at every step of its preparation and delivery are so important to delivering that perfect cup. Engaging and informative training is the best way to inspire your staff to deliver on the coffee experience your brand promises. From brewing basics, pulling best quality shots, and maintaining equipment to teaching the finer points of customer service, we have you covered. We can provide you with video or live training programs designed to elevate the coffee experience for both your staff and your customers. What’s more, we do this year round. We want you to be successful.