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Rwandan Appellations and the Road Home

OK, so it’s really cool here and all, but I gotta tell you, it’s a long time! Can’t wait to get home and see the fam and get back into the grind. Lots of stories to tell you, and most of them will be the honest truth.
I think I’m gonna get a Big Mac soon as I see those arches!! Living on beans, rice, goat, beef, and chicken, prepared about two ways is getting to me. Read more »


Rain, Le Nez de Café and more Cupping

It’s Nov 18, I think. Nice day today. It rained like crazy last night. Lighting and thunder, the whole works. Read more »


More Cupping in Rwanda and the King's Hut

Paul Songer has the process for this project mapped out really well. He also has an excellent awareness of statistical data. Seven primary coffee growing regions in Rwanda had been identified as potential appellations. Last year, the panel, with deep experience in this sort of cupping (descriptive cupping that is) narrowed this down to three by cupping each numerous times over the year and coming to the conclusion there are three three primary character differences. Read more »


Paul Thornton descriptive cupping in Rwanda

The internet connections in Rwanda are really good, but the ability to use them is not. It’s great for anything like checking e-mail or opening a simple web site, but not for, say, something like opening a file. Read more »


Who is selling your brand’s share of the espresso category?

If a national brand is selling what should be your brand’s share of the low competition espresso market, you can claim it now.

Coffee Bean International can produce a top-quality espresso tin for your brand so you can now sell your share of this highly valuable (as in 50% gross margin valuable) market. We know the days are gone when private brand offerings were reserved for the bottom shelf. These specialty tins will attract new buyers, as a high value proposition on espresso in tins is rarely available. Read more »


Private Brand Coffee: The Perfect Storm

Today’s economy has helped create a shift in how Americans buy coffee. Now is the time for retailers to develop and elevate, their private brand offerings. We call it the perfect storm.

Coffee Wars

The increase in specialty coffee consumption (I lump together Premium and Specialty coffee – to be explained another time.) is fueled in part by increased demand. It’s simple. McCafe, Starbucks and Dunkin’, since January, have poured upwards of $200 million into national advertising to promote coffee and espresso drinks – referred to as the “coffee wars.” That means more American shoppers are thinking about good coffee – as in Arabica coffee. Not necessarily specialty coffee (McCafe and Dunkin do not make the grade), but coffee none-the-less. Read on. Read more »


Organic Coffee: Past-Present-Future

Organic food was once the only choice consumers had. Before synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides were invented, that was it.

It was reported this month that the organic coffee market has topped $1.3 billion, securing its place as the most valuable organic product imported into the US. This is surprising. Most of what you read about organics pertains to produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and baby food. That’s because there is a clear and direct perceived health benefit. For example, when your customers stand in the produce aisle and pick up a piece of fruit, they understand what the organic apple offers. So why is organic so important to coffee drinkers? Read more »

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