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Musings on John Vaughan and the “Going Out of Style” of Fresh, Local, and Lovingly Roasted Coffee

I never had the opportunity to meet John C. Vaughan from St. Louis. And that saddens me, because he looks like the sort of man a person would WANT to meet… especially if they were a person like me that is (and as John obviously was) absolutely crazy about roasting coffee. Read more »


Public Domain's Kona "Cloud Forest" lot selected as Finalist in Good Food Awards

We are thrilled to have our Public Domain coffeehouse's new Kona "Cloud Forest" Lot chosen as one of the five finalists in the Northern Region the inaugural Good Food Awards.


Great coffee is Public Domain

Built on the belief that coffee should be an experience, not just a routine, we are proud to announce our flagship coffeehouse, Public Domain. Public Domain brings our new line of small batch roasted, seasonal coffees, world class baristas, a pour over brew bar and the innovative new espresso machine, the Slayer, to downtown Portland. Read more »


From the Roaster: Paul on Public Domain

A few years ago (ok, 20 years), Coffee Bean International chose to move from being a retail/wholesale roaster to purely wholesale. I believe the primary reason may have been that we didn’t want to compete with our retail customers. As the lead roaster and coffee buyer at the time, this move made life a bit easier. We no longer needed to deal with the retail side… Read more »


White Paper: Fewer Four Buck Lattes, but More Great Coffee

The National Coffee Association's 2009 National Coffee Drinking Trends report discovered a 5% increase in specialty coffee brewing at home – learn how retailers and food service providers can take advantage of it.

Download the White Paper

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