"I'll Have a Tall Blonde, Please!"

You say Starbucks®. I think…top-tier brand. Defiantly stubborn in their tradition of quality. I think…innovative product marketing. America’s specialty coffee lexicon. I think…unbelievable product and customer experience consistency (excluding airports, hotels, and cafeterias, of course). Starbucks equals decommoditization of coffee, circa 1990.

Starbucks is clearly a coffee industry leader. But what gives with their announcement last month of calling light roasts “blonde?!”

Interestingly, their Breakfast Blend, on shelves for years now at almost every grocery store in America, has always been a light roast. So why put so much attention on a new light roasted coffee? A light roast is about as un-innovative as product marketing gets.  So why are they doing this?

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