Earth Day

We are an earth-loving bunch at Coffee Bean International! We celebrated Earth Day for an entire week, which culminated in an energetic celebration today. Our “Conservation Tree” was a challenge to all employees on all three shifts to perform and log Eco-Deeds. Each time an employee performed an Eco-Deed, his/her name was entered into a raffle. A large percentage of employees participated with such deeds as biking or carpooling to work, shopping with re-usable bags, packing a waste-free lunch, giving up the desk trash can, switching to CFL bulbs, and using cold water for laundry. Our generous suppliers and partners donated many of our exciting prizes for our deeds. Today, we did a clean-up of our “neighborhood” on the banks of the Columbia Slough. We collected mattresses, bike frames, shopping cart, gate, signs, sprinkler heads, and lots and lots of plastic stuff. And, we did a recycling sorting relay, hosted by our friends at Recology to  emphasize the importance of getting the recyclables into the appropriate recycling stream.

All of these activities support the mission of our S.E.E.D. (social, environmental, economic development) teams to provide the highest-quality coffee with purpose and authenticity. We pledge to develop strategies that link people, process, product, place, and profits, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations.


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