November 2010

Roaster Restoration – Part 3

Faversham & Felixstowe, Oh My!

When I was hired by Coffee Bean International in 1982, my first job was as a brand manager for ‘Jericho America’, our line of imported coffee and tea equipment – both commercial (we directly imported and distributed commercial coffee grinders) and household (similarly, we directly imported and distributed container-loads of French presses, airpots, filter-papers, brew cones, and so forth). As a small Pacific Northwest specialty roaster in those very early years, we were chronically rich in great ideas but short of money, so I wound up learning to do most of the complicated work of running an import business on the fly, and on a shoestring – I think I could have written ‘Managing Letters of Credit, CIF Price Quotes, Freight Consolidators, and Customs Brokers for Dummies’!


Public Domain's Kona "Cloud Forest" lot selected as Finalist in Good Food Awards

We are thrilled to have our Public Domain coffeehouse's new Kona "Cloud Forest" Lot chosen as one of the five finalists in the Northern Region the inaugural Good Food Awards.


Kilimanjaro Day 7

My final day in Tanzania!  Little did I know it would be such an adventurous one, but more on that at the end. Read more »


Kilimanjaro Day 5

Day 5 was spent touring Tudeley Estate’s farms, Kibo and Kikafu.  Jackson Matenge was my tour guide for the day-- Tudeley Estate’s acting general manager

Kibo Estate: Read more »


Kilimanjaro Day 4

There has been a mosquito haunting me all day.  I woke up this morning at 4:45 am to him buzzing in my ear.  Taunting me, letting me know that he outsmarted my mosquito net and will soon be feasting on my ankles.  I managed to avoid him all morning, slapping my ears like a mad woman whenever he ventured too close.  He finally drove me out of bed at 5:30, when I decided to take a walk in the hazy morning light and attempt to spot a glimpse of the looming Mt Kilimanjaro. Read more »


Kilimanjaro Day 3

Today we spent the day in the city of Moshi, jumping off point for Mt. Kilimanjaro treks as well as the coffee center of Tanzania.  Annabel and I first visited the office of Tudeley Estates in Moshi, where a very kind Eric showed us Tudeley’s cupping lap and sample roasting facilities.  Although I wasn’t able to snap a photo, I was shocked to see that their sample roaster was the same Probat model as ours at Coffee Bean International, although with 6 drums instead of 3. Read more »


Kilimanjaro Day 2

Today I woke up to the sound of buzzing crickets and many other unidentified insects.  The sounds of Africa.  Looking out the window is breathtaking, all of the dark shadows I saw last night driving to Kibo Estates from Kilimanjaro airport have revealed themselves to be colorful flowers, tall, spindly trees, and the vast, towering Mt. Kilimanjaro. Read more »


Kilimanjaro, Day 1

Things I discovered today:

  1. Tanzania is really far from Portland. 
  2. The Sahara desert looks amazing from an airplane